On The Origin Of Indian Identity|

In the beginning, it would seem Mankind knew a thing or two about anthropology. Then came religion to manipulate it. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has boasted of Hindutva (a concept of Hindu supremacy) as India’s national identity. This would seem convincing to a foreign tourist who visits Taj Mahal, photographs people on the Ganges, sun bathes on Goan beaches, meditates at the Auroville and reads from a road-side thrift shop pamphlet the story of an ancient country. But does the avera


The address was 15, Wallers Road, Madras – 2. The people around the mofussil lived their daily life much out of discomfort. They imagined what it would feel like to be independent, to be in control of their life, to indulge in a little fantasy and to enjoy the company of loved ones. But such moments occur only in dreams and dreams rarely come true. Such is the tale of this young woman who lived in the first floor of a ramshackle complex. She took lonely walks, existed quietly, avoided office g